Can You Share Your Email List With Me?

Can You Share Your Email List With Me?

You’d be surprised how many people ask me to share my email lists with them…for free. I won’t even do it for money!! They want the THOUSANDS of email addresses of my WritersWeekly subscribers. They want the THOUSANDS of email addresses of our BookLocker authors. Heck, some have even asked me for a list of my friends’ and family members’ email addresses!

Rest assured that we would never, EVER share your or anyone else’s email address with anyone!! Any company that does this instantly loses the respect of their customers. And, I have a moral obligation to protect my subscribers and authors from unwanted emails even if I think the product is something they might want.

What’s appalling about these requests is that these people actually think it’s a-okay to spam anyone and everyone. And, get this, they get MAD at me for refusing to share the email addresses of others!!

I have been offered lots of money over the past 20+ years from companies wanting my lists but I have refused every single request.

What is Spam exactly? Different definitions abound but, in a nutshell, it means to send someone an unsolicited email of a marketing nature. Whether it’s a mass email or a single one doesn’t matter.

Sending out spam can not only harm your reputation, and get you added to spammer lists (meaning your emails will be flagged in the future – even legitimate, non-commercial ones), but you can also lose your email address altogether. And, if you’re using an ISP to host your website, if there are enough complaints, that ISP can shut you down. Permanently.

There are numerous ways to promote your book online FOR FREE that are ethical, legal, and even welcomed by potential readers.

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