“How can I turn my blog into a book?”

“How can I turn my blog into a book?”

Q –

Hi Angela,

I have hundreds of blog posts on my website and I’d like to turn them into a book. Do you have any advice on how to do that?

– M.B.

A –

Blogs with a loyal following can lead to book sales later! Lots of people would much rather read information in book form rather than click, click, clicking repeatedly on somebody’s online blog. And, of course, you can later use your blog to promote your book(s)!

There are several different types of blogs. The most common are:

A. Blogs that contain posts on one main topic

B. Blogs that contain posts on a variety of topics (or those that feature short pieces of fiction or poetry)

C. Blogs that contain posts in chronological order (i.e. travel stories or non-fiction coverage of life events)


If your blog contains posts on one main topic, you will need to arrange your posts in a reasonable order by sub-topic. After reviewing the titles of your blog posts, I recommend creating a preliminary table of contents (which may, of course, change as you work on the file). Create a new word processing document (i.e. MSWord, WordPerfect, or other) and inserta new page/section (Chapter) for each sub-category.

Then, copy/paste the text of your blog posts into that file, each in the appropriate chapter. After you finish the base foundation of text for your new book, you can move posts around during the editing process, if need be.

Don’t worry too much about formatting at this stage. Your publisher or publishing service can help you with that. Focus on getting the posts into the most reasonable, easy-to-follow order.


Choose which topic you’d like to publish your first book under and, using the information from “One Topic Blogs” above, create your manuscript. Use blog posts that are in some way related to a specific or even broad topic, and organize them into a reasonable, easy-to-follow order.


These are the easiest blogs to turn into books. Using the information from “One Topic Blogs” above, copy/paste your posts, in the order they were posted to your blog, into your word processing file. During the editing process, you can insert chapter breaks and titles where appropriate. For a travel blog, you might have a chapter per day, or a chapter per city. If your blog chronicles a particular time in your life (i.e. a health crisis, your experiences in a cult, etc.), you can group different posts in chronological order, and insert chapter breaks where you think they are appropriate.

After your manuscript is complete, submit it to BookLocker.com for consideration! We’re always looking for great books. 🙂


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