“Are you interested in creating a speakers’ bureau for authors?”

“Are you interested in creating a speakers’ bureau for authors?”

Q –

Any interest in creating “a speakers’ bureau with the express goal of sending your authors to college” for purposes of book promotion gigs?

– L.S.

A –

Unfortunately, that is not a venture I would be willing to undertake. Aside from the fact that we don’t have the manpower to arrange such engagements, they would certainly be too costly for authors. You’d have to sell a LOT of books to make up for a plane ticket, lodging, and other travel expenses. I’ve been telling authors for years, through WritersWeekly, that author appearances cost far more than any resulting book sales…to say nothing of the time it takes to arrange, and then participate in them.

I recommend doing local appearances only (and, not just bookstores and schools – other retailers may be interested in book signings or book readings as well). Even then, you might find that the effort and time spent was not worth the low number of book sales.

The most effective way to promote a book is to do it aggressively and regularly online, sitting at your laptop. 🙂

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