“Amazon has the wrong author on my book’s page!”

“Amazon has the wrong author on my book’s page!”

Q –

So, on my Amazon page there is another author with my same name. At the bottom, after all the info. about my book, is his picture with his books for sale. How can I get Amazon to fix this? I’ve already had a couple of people tell me they bought his books instead of mine.

Thanks for you help.


A –

I looked at your book page on Amazon. Sure enough, toward the bottom is some other guy’s picture. When you click on him, you end up at his Author Central page on Amazon. And, guess what? Amazon is showing that your book was written by that guy!

With all of Amazon’s high-tech gurus and whatnot, you’d THINK their system would know that some humans actually have identical names!

Amazon will only fix an author mis-identification if the complaining author has an Author Central account in their system. It’s free and it’s easy to set up. However, Amazon will probably also start sending you marketing messages. Just filter those into your sp*m folder.

Once you set up your Author Central account, you can contact Amazon through through that portal, and tell them to stop giving that other dude credit for your book.

Another option is to contact that author, and ask him to ask Amazon to stop putting your book on his page, and to stop putting his face on your book page.


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