“A publicist called me about ‘republishing’ my book. What’s up with that?!”

“A publicist called me about ‘republishing’ my book. What’s up with that?!”

Q –

I was called by a “publicist” about republishing my book that they saw on Amazon. (It’s not supposed to be there because my lawyer was supposed to give them a cease and desist order since it was from Tate Publishing.) The website for this “publicist” is (removed). Do you have any intel on these folks? I suspect they’re bottom feeders, but I’ve never heard of them before. Thanks!



A – 

That’s no publicist and I commend you on recognizing this common scam. I always advise authors to avoid spammers and telemarketers who contact them after their book has been published. Yes, they are bottom feeders, preying on authors’ egos and dreams with false praise and fraudulent promises. You can read more about these types of snakes here:

POD POACHERS! When Bottom Feeders Lure Authors Away from Their Existing Contracts, and Charge Thousands More!


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