Beware Of “Book Marketing” Telemarketers!

Beware Of “Book Marketing” Telemarketers!

I just received a call from a company called (name removed) and they say they want to promote my book. What do you know about this company?


1. You’re the third author to ask about that firm this week. I never recommend hiring a spammer or a telemarketer. In my opinion, if they must resort to those sorts of tactics to promote themselves, I can’t really trust them to effectively or ethically promote my own book.

They are likely finding self-published authors online by using Amazon’s search function. They can search by POD publisher name, sort the books by “new and popular,” and then Google the author’s name. If the author has a website with their email address or (worse) their phone number, that firm can then spam the author, or harass them by phone.

Some authors even include their phone number in their book, which can readily be seen in Amazon’s Look Inside feature. (At, we never recommend an author do this!)

2. This marketer in particular also offers POD publishing services. They may simply be attracting authors with the intent of convincing them to re-do what’s already been done – re-publish their book with this firm. I checked their prices and they are expensive – not much different from other high-priced POD publishers on the market.

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