A Fake Literary Agent + a Fake Movie Studio = Another Scam Targeting Authors

A Fake Literary Agent + a Fake Movie Studio = Another Scam Targeting Authors

Q –


We had our book published by (name removed). One of their persons states he is a literary agent. Supposedly, a person representing (a major movie studio) called us and asked us to produce a resume, proof of ownership, and a ‘film license.’ Now, we are being asked by the literary agent to give him money for this ‘film acquisition license.” Is this normal?


A –

You did not receive a call from a major movie studio. The caller and the so-called literary agent are running a scam. Run, run, run as fast as you can away from that publisher.

I know it’s tempting. Like a lottery ticket…except FAR more expensive in the end! You WILL throw away thousands of dollars if you fall for this scam.

And, when any author is looking for a publisher, he or she should avoid, at all costs, doing any business with any publisher (or anyone at all) who claims they will turn your book into a movie for a fee.



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