Today, I’m going to share another installment of our popular column, World’s Worst Book Proposals. Yes, we can learn from others’ mistakes! Featured below are real quotes from book proposals submitted to us over the past few months.

This one left me speechless:

Four young talented youths from out of the South Bronx, of New York came up with an idea to get money. They use their Gods gifted talent Wayne-His charming and charismatic way keep the old gossiping folks in control and there business away from the law. Griff had a way to persuade people to follow his idea and the majority or most of the time was good ideas.

Broken spell-check?

An Eveangilsit’s sons are murdered in a drug deal gone bad-by the evangilists half/sister and the sisters boyfriend

We see LOTS of books by self-proclaimed prophets. Unfortunately, it appears many of these prophets weren’t blessed with spelling, grammar, and punctuation talents.

From an eternal presents and from a place flesh and blood do not know about I speak as a prophet about eternal life. What words can’t explain what all earth does not deserve, I was called to see.

First part of chapter 1:

Tick, tick, tick, tick.Blah, blah, blah. I learned this last year its going to be easy. I pull out a Bryan Somasella book 2013 apocalypse of zombies and read this ridiculous story.

Um, what???

Fantasy offers all elements from every genre, wheather it be Love, Drama, or Adventure. The most important thing to remember is that it takes you beyond the ‘Norm.’ this particular genre is not laidened with ‘over simplerfied’ expectations.

Different book…but just as confusing:

about a young ladies tragic lost of her mother when she was only five years old. Her mother was in an abusive relationship with the young ladies father whom she had seven kids with which two of them where miscarriages due to the physical and verbal abuse of her father.

Chapter 1, Sentence 1:

My character is a Middle Class Male who is not concern about the pressing problems in the community named Sam.

From the introductory email:

socel servces got involved and turnd there back on me

Chapter 1, Sentences 2 and 3:

I have medium length Light Blonde hair and baby blue eyes. Im 15 and i have a late twin sister Named Becca.

Chapter 1, Sentence 2:

She has a vision to shear peace and inspiration in the literary industry.

And, finally, after I told an author their manuscript needed professional editing:

If you read my foreword , I made it plain, it may not be perfect English, nor punctuation. In other words …. I dont give a damn.

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