When You Get An Email Meant For Another

Okay, I admit I’m being lazy with the writing this week because I have a TON of stuff to do before the relatives arrive on Thursday. I’ve been trying to fit this in somewhere and this seems like the perfect time.

Below is part of an email that somebody forwarded to me by mistake. I usually delete these immediately when I realize they aren’t meant for me but I didn’t realize this was one of those until I’d finished reading.

I was shocked by what it said. Would love to hear your opinion, too. Am I being too cynical in thinking this person intended to read and then return the print book whether he/she liked it or not?? This would definitely explain why some bookstores return books that look so shabby! Here it is:

I have two important errands. I need to pick up a book and I could only find it at Borders. The book is 20 bucks and I could get an ebook but I wanted something I could return.

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