Reader Comments = Marketing Blurbs! By Angela Hoy and Richard Hoy

Online book promotion is not only simple but, if you have a step-by-step, day-to-day marketing plan (the book 90 DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE), it can also be a very artistic endeavor, which makes it fun for creative folks like you and me! Yes, online book promoting can be EASY and FUN! Let us show you how, from Day 1 through Day 90…and beyond!


Positive reader comments that appear on bookstore pages online are very powerful motivators for potential readers of a particular book.

Don’t wait for somebody to post something to your book’s page on Amazon. Ask readers, via your website and your newsletter, and even during the ordering process on your website (if you’re processing your own orders), to submit their comments about your book to you by email or through an automated form on your website.

At, we send out an automated email to every customer after they purchase a book. We send out this email 1 day after they buy an ebook and 10 days after they buy a print book. The short email thanks them for their purchase, and asks them for feedback on the transaction. We’ve received lots of valuable comments from readers about books. Doing so lets the customer know we care, and we and the author get feedback on the book.

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On your website, in your ezine, and even in your book itself (in the email edition and, if it’s not yet published, the print edition as well), ask readers to contact you with comments about the book. They can either email their comments to you or they can submit comments through a form you can create on your website. When they do, ask for permission to quote them in your future marketing materials.

You’ll be surprised how many happy readers really want to help authors (and connect with them directly!) by submitting positive or otherwise helpful comments about a book. If they give you permission to quote them in your marketing materials, you’ll start to have quite a collection of reader recommendations for your book!

Excerpt/quote from the good ones in your Book Marketing Cheat Sheet so you’ll have them readily available during your marketing activities.


Angela Hoy is the co-owner of and is the free marketing ezine for writers, which features new paying markets and freelance job listings every Wednesday. According to attorney Mark Levine, author of The Fine Print, BookLocker is: “As close to perfection as you’re going to find in the world of ebook and POD publishing. The ebook royalties are the highest I’ve ever seen, and the print royalties are better than average. BookLocker understands what new authors experience, and have put together a package that is the best in the business. You can’t go wrong here. Plus, they’re selective and won’t publish any manuscript just because it’s accompanied by a check. Also, the web site is well trafficked. If you can find a POD or epublisher with as much integrity and dedication to selling authors’ books, but with lower POD publishing fees, please let me know.”

Richard Hoy co-owner of and He has been involved in Internet marketing since it became a profession back in 1995. Early in his career, he developed and executed online promotional strategies for a number of companies. He was moderator of the Online Advertising Discussion list, the first discussion community on the Internet dedicated to the subject of online advertising. Richard created and edited The ClickZ Guide to Email Marketing, one of the first compendiums on the subject of the then-emerging field of email marketing. He was a regular speaker at the popular Web Advertising and Web Marketing conference series back in the heyday of the dotcom boom; as well as a columnist on ClickZ, where he wrote a well-received column on small business use of the Internet. For the past 12 years he has focused his expertise on building the self-publishing services company into a respected online brand.

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Yes, online book promoting can be EASY and FUN! Let us show you how, from Day 1 through Day 90…and beyond!

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