Query Letters That Worked!

Query Letters That Worked!
Peek over the shoulders of highly successful freelance writers to see how they earn thousands per article! The query letter is the key!

In these pages, you’ll find real query letters that landed real assignments for national magazines, websites, and corporations, including:

Woman’s Day – $2,800
Redbook – $3,500
Ladies Home Journal – $3,000
DiscoveryHealth.com – $2,000
Lifetime Magazine – $3,000
Life Extension magazine – $6,480
SmartMoney – $5,000
Chemical Innovation – $2,200
Jugglezine.com – $2,000
Unique Opportunities: The Physician’s Resource – $2,550
Health Magazine – $2,000
ThirdAge.com – $2,000
Xephon / Insight IS – $ 2,150
Oracle – $2,500
Family Fun Magazine – $2,000
Natural Remedies – $11,300
National Lawyers’ Magazine – $6,000
National Public Radio – $2,000
Canadian Broadcasting Corp. – $2,000
IBM developer website – $15,000


Also includes:

* Abbi Perrets’ form letter that brings in $30,000-$45,000 annually

* Sample phone query from Christine Greeley

* The Six Golden Rules of Queries and Submissions…and How I Broke Them! by Bob Freiday

* Your Rights As a “Freelancer”

* and ANGELA HOY’S SECRET for finding ongoing freelance work from companies that have a stable of freelancers, yet never run ads for them!

BONUS: Includes a collection of successful pitch letters used by writers seeking ongoing freelance assignments from select publications! 


I’m devouring your book! Really enjoying it. I must say (and… yeah… you can quote me!) that, in terms of sheer value and usability, it is perhaps one of the best books for writers to be published in years. It’s a valuable resource, and one which all aspiring freelancers should have on their desktop — right there with the dictionary, and The Elements of Style. Wonderful to read examples of pitches that really worked, as it inspires even as it teaches. What a fantastic resource for writers. A CREATIVE resource, if nothing else; It helps generate ideas for queries, and (more to the point) how to write effective and powerful ones. Congrats, Ang. Great book!

– Bob Freiday
Freelance Writer

Many, many thanks for publishing Query Letters That Worked! I couldn’t wait to receive my copy. Already, I have picked up on priceless nuggets of advice. Your section on “…secrets for finding steady freelance work” was worth the price of the whole book…and then some!

– Joan M. Jackson, Principal
JMJ Information Services – jmjinfo.com

Your book on query letters is a treasure. I refer to it often.

– Polly

I’ve already made use of one of the form query letters and I have never had such an overwhelming response. My inbox has been flooded with positive responses to my letter. I’ve been in this business for more than 20 years and no one single mail shot has ever had such a good response rate. I’m frankly astonished. Now if some of this can convert to sales, I’ll be set for the year!

– Ferne

Interesting, informative, and well written. Angela has clearly done her homework. This book belongs within each writer’s grasp, alongside the thesaurus and dictionary.

– Pamela Allegretto

This is a must have book!

– Ponscella L. Cousins

Query Letters That Worked