More Inexpensive Holiday Crafts/Gifts By Angela Hoy

Last week, I wrote about paper sculptures, personalized dolls, and personalized snow globes.

The snow globe materials arrived this week but it’s slow going so I don’t have any pictures of the finished goodies to show you yet. We took photos of the children that make it appear they are holding their breath and swimming in the globes.. I originally took photos of the backs of the children, too, so there wouldn’t be just white photo paper on their backs. Well, that didn’t work. No matter how careful I was, the front and back photos of them weren’t the same size, after being cut out. So, what I did was mirror each photo in Photoshop (meaning I flipped the photos horizontally). When I printed them, they fit exactly, back to back. So, I cut them out, glued them together, and now have a front and back identical photo of each child. When all the photos are finished, we’ll put them in the snow globes, add the special chemical (that stops the water from bubbling), add the snow, seal, wrap and mail them. I hope to be able to post photos of one here next week.

I just LOVE transparent refrigerator photo magnets! Don’t you? The problem is they are so expensive! One photo sleeve can cost $1.99 and they don’t last that long in our house. Mason loves them, too, and takes them off the refrigerator several times a day. It’s only a matter of time before they get ripped or the photo gets separated from the frame. So, this year, I’m making my own heavy-duty photo magnet frames, not only for myself but for the grandparents, too!

Over the weekend, we printed several copies of our favorite photos from the year and purchased laminating material (just the sticky stuff – no laminating machine required!), some shiny, multi-colored card stock, and a large magnet roll that has one side of adhesive on it. You can get all this (except your photos, of course) at your local craft store and possibly at your local office supply store.

I cut the photos in creative ways, glued them to shiny card stock so they have attractive matting, cut around the edges, placed them in the laminate material, sealed them, and added a magnet to the back. Voila! Easy, inexpensive, and so cute! See for yourself:

Have a super and creative week, everybody!

Big Holiday Hugs!

P.S. If you’re interested in reborning and personalizing a baby doll (making an ordinary doll look like a real, breathing infant), see my book, How to Reborn a Doll in a Day HERE. It’s fully illustrated with lots of color photos and available for instant download.