Heck, Yeah, I’m Mad! Is That a Problem?!

Sometimes, I receive emails that just don’t make any sense to me. For example, occasionally people write to me under false names, sending false allegations about one company or another, or feeding me a completely false news story. Of course, I investigate these before I publish them and it’s not too hard to figure out if somebody has fed me outright lies about one outfit or another. Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a stretch to think some people have tried to get me to publish lies just so they can smear my name later for doing so. Let’s face it, after a decade of WritersWeekly Whispers and Warnings, I now have more enemies than I can count…or even remember.

Then there are the emails from people claiming to be long-time readers, who insult me for just plain doing my job – protecting them from industry scum. This week, I’ll share one of those with you (edited and consolidated – we exchanged a couple of emails). After receiving this email, I felt like I’d been hit over the head with a purse after trying to help a little old lady cross the street.


Having followed you for many, many years – I think since your beginnings – I’m growing concerned about how much space in your newsletter is devoted to personal anger. Though you have some valid points, I have to wonder if (a competitor who posted lies about other companies), (a content mill), and (a deadbeat publisher) you investigated are worth the space. It seems the face time you give them all enhances their projects, as in “as long as you spell my name right.”

Are you truly filled with so much anger, Angela?


My Response:

When writers and companies are getting harmed by others, it’s my job to alert the public to their shenanigans. If I ignored these companies, I would be doing a gross disservice to our readers, as well as to the victims of these companies.

If I plugged my eyes and ears and sang la la la, ignoring the unethical people that are victimizing so many of our readers (writers), I would need to retire – in shame.

What you are calling “anger” are my steadfast efforts to hopefully make our industry one where most writers are paid, and paid well, for their efforts.

(The competitor’s) site publishes lies that scare authors away from good publishers.

(The content mill) pays degrading, pittance wages to most of their writers, after making their system sound way too rosy in their ads.

(The deadbeat publisher) you referenced is an ex-con who has preyed on many writers and others. This week, a woman filed a police report against him. He threatened to leave her “lying in a pool.”

Unfortunately, too many writing sites are too busy spouting wonderful stories about our industry. I’m one of a few who’s willing to tell the truth about what’s happening, and about who’s doing it. I’ve had my life and the lives of our children threatened because I’m willing to expose the underbelly of how the Internet has enabled crooks to infiltrate and take advantage of our industry.

I will never give up the fight just because somebody thinks I’m too “angry.”