Another Possible Scam Targeting Writers By Angela Hoy

We were recently approached by a firm wanting us to post a “job ad” for them. The ad involved hiring writers to email pre-written articles. These “articles” were promotional and the emails would be unsolicited, meaning the writers were being hired to spam others.

Writers should be very wary whenever they see an ad asking them to email others. Doing this type of work can not only result in the termination of your account with your ISP, but also the closing of your email address and perhaps even your website, if it’s hosted elsewhere. Your reputation will be destroyed and, finally, you could be prosecuted under federal and state anti-spam laws.

Why would a company hire someone else to send out emails when they can easily set up an automated system to do it themselves? Easy. They’d rather let someone else deal with the destroyed reputation and criminal charges.

Don’t fall for these too-good-to-be-true “article emailing” job ads. They’re can have dire consequences.