Rescheduled Fossil Hunting Trip

Last week, I wrote about our planned trip to the Peace River for some fossil hunting. Unfortunately, on Wednesday night, Mason started sniffling. By Thursday morning, he was running a low-grade fever and going through tons of tissues. So, we had to reschedule for this week. Problem is, it’s downright cold outside…

Ebook Conversion Services – You Get What You Pay For…Sometimes!

Ebook formatting and conversion is not easy. The trick is to know what items in a manuscript will cause problems before you start so you can either eliminate them or change them to minimize the cleanup on the other end. Unfortunately, as evidenced by the errors in numerous ebooks on the market, lots of publishers just push raw manuscripts into software and then put whatever emerges up for sale…

Query Letter Steps – Marlene Caroselli, Ed.D.

Literary legend has it that mystery writer Robert Parker sent a two-sentence query to the publisher of his first novel: “Here’s my manuscript. Want to publish it?” While it was accepted–no doubt on the strength of the author’s bestselling style–most wannabe-published writers need more than this to be taken seriously…

I Love Being a Workshop Presenter! – Alice J. Wisler

I’ve presented workshops at other people’s events for over ten years now. You know, where you get invited to teach on a topic for an hour or so at a conference or seminar because someone sees you as having something important to say. My topic has been writing through heartache. Ever since my son Daniel died at the age of four, I found writing to be a healthy respite for my sorrow and became an advocate for sharing the value of writing for healing, hope and healing…

Whispers And Warnings For March 27th

Links to stories below are here:
Hey, Amazon, Where’s My Money?
“My novel shot to the top of the site’s bestseller list last summer. You won’t believe how little I got paid.”
Green Mountain Power agrees to pay publisher’s legal fees in trespass charge; lawsuit dismissed
“Green Mountain Power will reimburse Barton Chronicle Publisher Chris Braithwaite for his legal expenses in defending himself against criminal trespass charges for the past year.”
Publisher wins copyright lawsuit
“Publisher First News has announced it was compensated for VND700 million by American International School of Foreign Language Training in Hanoi for reprinting English language books that First News has been given exclusive rights to copy in Vietnam by a foreign publisher.”
Penguin publishing group sues Oregon nonprofit for posting whole books online
“Publishing giant Penguin Group (USA) Inc. has sued the online library American Buddha, accusing the Oregon nonprofit company of posting to the Web the entire contents of books for which it holds exclusive rights.”
Author-Unfriendly Terms at Autharium
“Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten a number of questions and alerts about author-unfriendly Terms and Conditions at Autharium, a new epublishing startup…”
Links to stories above are here:

Alligators when Fossil Hunting?!

On Thursday, we’re taking a homeschooling fieldtrip to the Peace River to dig for fossils. It was Max’s idea. He really wants to find a Megalodon tooth all by himself. Grampa is making two special sifting screens based on a picture of one made by a neighbor, who is retired and spends most of his spare time fossil hunting. He was generous enough to tell us where to go and how to find the best fossils…

How to Compile and Publish an Anthology – Part II – Angela Hoy

I have published a few non-fiction anthologies over the years and they have all been successful, both from a research and publishing standpoint in the beginning, and a sales standpoint later. There is a right and wrong way to collect and publish stories contributed by others.
In Part I, we discussed how much to pay contributors and what rights to request.
Today, we’re going to discuss contracts, how to find contributors for your anthology, paying your writers, and more…

No Pressure!

Before I found, I started out with a publisher that continually pushed things at me, convincing me to buy unnecessary services that ended up costing me a big bundle.
I’ve been with Booklocker for three years now, and have never been pressured into anything.
Just so you new authors know, there is someone out there who actually has your success at heart.
I’m very happy I found BookLocker.
Stephen G. Lonefeather
SPIRIT DANCE: An Uncommon Love Story
THE HEALERS: Those That Were Hidden

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