I Support the Reason for YOUR Season!

Boy, I sure am tired of people getting offended by the word Christmas, and Christmas decorations and the like. I am not Jewish yet I’ve never been offended by a Menorah, nor any other symbol or celebration of a religion to which I do not belong. To each his own, live and let live, and all that stuff. Why do people have to spew so much hatred this time of year? “Can we all just get along?” (R.I.P. Rodney King!)

75% of Americans DON’T Own Ebook Readers – Are you ignoring 75% of the book buying market?! – Angela Hoy

I had an interesting conversation with my dad last week. He’s 69, retired, and has had some health issues lately. He has always been an avid reader. I can remember him sitting in the living room each night, his shoes on the floor, his feet on his ottoman, a cold Schlitz on his cork coaster, his glasses perched on his nose, and a large hardcover book in his hands. He read quite a bit about history and he enjoyed suspense novels. We had a large living room and one entire wall was floor to ceiling bookshelves. I loved that room.
Anyway, when I was talking to my dad last week, I asked what he was reading. He told me he’s reading two books right now – both novels. He had them both next to him and read the titles to me. I asked him if he ever read ebooks. He guffawed pretty loudly. He said he had never read an ebook and he never would. He likes visiting bookstores, enjoys the smell of a new book, and likes holding it in his hands. He also loves his bookshelves.
The fact is the vast majority of Americans (around 75% based on the most recent studies) don’t own ebook reading devices…

Using Creative Visualization to Increase Sales – Roberta Roberti

Writers are accustomed to reading newsletters such as WritersWeekly.com to get practical, concrete information and tips on writing, marketing, and publishing. Occasionally, however, we get advice on how to harness our own powers of creativity, positivity, and spiritual energy to achieve happiness and success. This is one of those articles. We now enter the realm of the subconscious. Or as some people I know call it, the “woo woo” zone.

Developing a Plan for Your Book – Dan Heaton

Developing a Plan for Your Book – Dan Heaton

My first grade teacher just bought my book.
She’s hardly my target audience and I hadn’t seen her at least since I left elementary school more than 30 years ago, but I was happy to make the sale. I even charged her full price, rather than the insider’s “friends and family rate.”
A few simple Internet searches and a plan – developed in large part through guidance from fellow WritersWeekly writers – helped me make the sale.

Preparing For A Full House

Ali and I are busy preparing the house for the influx of guests that will start arriving next week. Some of them will be staying at Ali’s because we’ll be filled to the brim here. It’s all very exciting! Mason is counting the days, confirming his math with me each morning. (“Mom, it’s 15 days now because yesterday it was 16, right?”)

BookLocker is Now Offering “D.I.Y.” and “Payment Plan” Publishing Programs! – Angela Hoy

BookLocker is Now Offering “D.I.Y.” and “Payment Plan” Publishing Programs! – Angela Hoy

As prices go up across the board, and as unemployment continues, many authors would like to get their books on the market but simply can’t afford it.
While firms like Author Solutions (owner of AuthorHouse, Xlibris, iUniverse, Trafford and more) are squeezing authors out of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars (which we’re betting most authors will never recover in resulting book sales), BookLocker is going in the opposite direction – publishing packages for any budget.

“We investigated several of other P.O.D. companies…”

Angela–I wanted to echo what Rosemary Gard said in her letter to the editor. We investigated several other P.O.D. companies before we settled on BookLocker to publish 11-11:The Carl Fyler Story and I am still getting phone calls from those (other) folks like used-car selling telemarketers! We have been very pleased with all aspects of our BookLocker experience. Thanks!
Ann Norlin
11-11: The Carl Fyler Story