Meet, Greet, and Take Action By Debra Holland

Writers are often a great source of support for each other. Few professions have so many members willing to educate others in their field. The experience and expertise of other writers can help you at all levels of your career.
Joining writers groups and professional organizations, participating in online forums, writing your own blogs and following other author blogs, and getting to know people at writing classes and conferences, are all traditional ways to become acquainted with other authors.
However, networking also involves giving back. Share your knowledge with other authors and offer them encouragement and inspiration…

How Can I Spot Content Mill Ads?

There are so many sites with ads that seem desperate to hire writers. I think most of them are content mills. How can I easily spot one?

Personal Injections: My Freelance Success Story By Daniel R. Robichaud

When I was a young writer, I was impatient. Even the idea of immediate success took too long. Why should I have to wait? I had the passion. Words poured from me. What I did not have was the one thing time alone could give me: life experience. I wanted to be the next Great American Novelist, but I only had other people’s lives, ideas and words.

Oh, My Aching Back…

Most of the house is packed up and Richard rented a large U-Haul trailer and took two loads to the new house last weekend. They’re all stacked up in the garage right now. The painters did a great job but we had to call another cleaning crew in. The first one didn’t do a great job. The house looks super now so we’re free to start moving furniture. Everybody is SO excited about moving the old piano one more time…

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