Our Daughter’s New Attorney

For over a year now, we’ve been dealing with the aftermath of the accident on Valentine’s Day, 2011 when our daughter and her boyfriend were in a head-on collision. The person who hit them had been dialing his cell phone when he crossed all the way over the center line. Both vehicles were going 45-50 when they hit. Ali’s wrist was shattered and her boyfriend had three broken ribs, a broken leg, and more. Fast-forward 13 months. After months of good-faith negotiations on the victims’ side, the insurance adjuster for the guilty driver told Ali’s boyfriend that if he can’t be a chef anymore because his leg is so badly injured, he “should just go be a greeter at Walmart.”
That was the last straw. Her boyfriend hired an attorney. This week, our daughter hired the same attorney…

Boldly Assuming You “Can’t Be Sued” Will Likely Lead to a Lawsuit

An author recently asked me about using real people (friends, relatives, acquaintances) in a novel. I told her doing so would be very risky from a legal standpoint.
She assumed just calling the book “fiction” would protect her from a lawsuit.
She also assumed simply changing a few names would also protect her from a lawsuit.

Just Because I Rejected Your Manuscript Doesn’t Mean I’m a Racist, Homophobe, Anti-Semite, etc.

Hi Angela,
I was deeply saddened by the article about the woman who made all kinds of assumptions about you because her manuscript was rejected. I want to say for the record that I’ve been working with BookLocker since 2003, and I have never found you or your family to be anything but friendly, accepting, and encouraging. Thank you for everything you do!
Debra Stang
HOSPICE TAILS: The Animal Companions Who Journey With Hospice Patients and Their Families

Hey Ang,
I read your column today on not being racists for rejecting a book for X reason. Pretty funny. Having been in the writing biz (magazine and newspapers) my entire career I feel for you; as a reporter then editor I’ve been called every name in the book, none that I will repeat to a lady and I wish I had a nickel for every time someone threatened me with a lawsuit. But, that’s the biz and the challenge with nonprofessional writers, they don’t understand how the business works and, more to the point, that it IS a business and that business is to make money.
I think what authors (any writer, for that matter) must understand is that they can’t take their work and coddle it to their breasts as if they were children.
I. too. pitched a book to you that you passed on; you passed because it was based on actual events. You explained (very nicely) that you didn’t want to offend any survivors or risk litigation. I think this would make a nice additive for your readers to know that there are SOME of us out there who can take a rejection without rancor.
Peter J. Gallanis
Assignment Editor

7 Paying Humor Markets for Freelance Writers By Emma Larkins

7 Paying Humor Markets for Freelance Writers By Emma Larkins

There are plenty of markets for humor writing in the freelance world. However, the competitiveness of the industry has driven many people to the point of execrating their poor, defenseless monitors or mailboxes. After all, the more competitive a market, the less you’re going to get paid – in part because you’ll likely have a lower successful return on your submissions rate, and in part because if you think the pay is too low your job will be given to a horde of saps chomping at the bit to make money doing something that’s “fun”.
So, how do you get around the fact that everybody and their grandmother wants to attach themselves to the laugh-powered gravy train, regardless of actual skill or quality of sense of humor? Instead of focusing on “just” writing humor, the wise freelancer should find ways to integrate material capable of inducing involuntary grins into articles for niches that aren’t strictly focused on being funny…

Help! My Book Has Been Attacked on Amazon!

For some inexplicable reason, my novel has been attacked in an Amazon review by a first-class idiot who hasn’t even taken the trouble to read it. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to damage my book’s credibility, but I suppose there are some people who are capable of such nastiness.
I’ve contacted Amazon. but they won’t remove it, saying it doesn’t violate their guidelines. Hard to believe that they would keep a review that falsifies a book’s major premise. I’m hoping anyone with half a brain will understand that this is a vicious, mindless, unfair, and irresponsible smear, and not a legitimate review.


It’s in the upper 80’s now and the boys are once again swimming every single day. The weather outside is warm but I think the water is still a bit chilly…

Just Because I Rejected Your Manuscript Doesn’t Mean I’m a Racist, Homophobe, Anti-Semite, etc. By Angela Hoy

Last week, I was absolutely STUNNED when I discovered a comment online from a rejected author who said I “discriminate.” I am one of the most laid-back, easy-going, and accepting people you’d ever meet. During my life, I have had friends and boyfriends of many different races and religions. I have friends and relatives who are gay, straight, and bi. I, personally, don’t think there is any one religion favored by God so who am I to decide if there are any right or wrong ones? Everybody should have an equal chance to publish their own feelings on faith, provided, of course, their manuscript does not promote hurting others…

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