DAYS 45-49 – Chuck E. Cheese: Where a Kid Can MAKE WAY TOO MUCH NOISE!!!

We saw many interesting North Carolina sights on the road on Thursday. From a billboard for “Truck Crash Attorneys”, to numerous junkyards and taxidermy businesses, to a home that was painted to look like a gingerbread house, we were thoroughly entertained! And the rain kept on comin’ down, all the way from North Carolina to my sister’s house in Virginia…
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This week’s Maxism:
At my sister’s house, her large dog kept sniffing Max. Max was giggling, and finally said, “He keeps sniffing me!”
I laughed, and replied, “He likes crotches.”
Max smiled again, and said, “Oh, okay.” He then thought for a moment and added, “What’s a crotch?”
Hugs to all!

Think Twice Before Giving Away Your Entire Book Online For Free

Regarding your article, sorry to hear about the damage to your sweater. As a family man myself, I well appreciate the loss of a valued item of clothing.
I do hate cliches, but you know writers. If the sweater is still intact and the tread marks are clearly visible, you could make some lemonade out of this sad incident with some creative embroidery. Here are a few suggestions…
Just trying to help.
Regards & Respects,
Doug Nelson
Have been following your travels and found this “goodbye” for Max very touching. What a sweet boy you have there.
This is a great issue. I was very interested in your article on giving away your work. I sooo agree with you. So many writers tell me they have put a chapter of their book on the Internet and I shudder. Or writers who have never been published, are putting a first book there, thinking it might grab the attention of an agent or publisher. Fat chance. I will refer these friends/acquaintances to your site and tell them to read this article–if they don’t believe me when I tell them giving away their work is a bad idea.
Keep up the great work.
Pink Poodle Pie (Other Tales of How Women Get Even)
The Quilt Maker
Growing up Barefoot in the South
I would never give the books away and already know that if something is free it only attracts those that put money into the newspaper box and take two when they should only take one. There are a lot of cheap people in the world. Giving someone an excerpt does not guarantee that someone will even buy the book let a lone read the excerpt. I buy over 100 physical books every year but do not get around to reading half of them. Last year I read 43 books, but still that is 50 more on the shelf unread for the following years.
George Arnold Hall
Writer / Developer
Series: Immortals of Scar

Online Resources for Catching Copyright Infringement

A competing newsletter, (name removed), has been republishing your stuff. Thought you’d want to know. Aside from waiting for someone else to notice your material has been stolen, what’s the easiest way to catch copyright infringers?

Whispers And Warnings For March 31st

COMPLAINT about M E / Mainstream Erotica / / Russ Bryant – Writer is owed $520.92…but publisher still has ad on website seeking writers.
COMPLAINT about World Art Glass Quarterly / / Mark Walton / Curt Walton / Global Arts Publishing LLC – Writer alleges she’s been owed $1,000 for 3 years and that the publisher has recently released a new issue, using her articles.
COMPLAINT about Regent Media / / Here Media, Inc. / / The Advocate /; Also publishers of Out / / here! / / Alyson Books / / HIV Plus Magazine / / / / and associated with Regent Releasing / – Writer alleges he’s owed $1850. Other complaints area appearing online about this publisher, too.

DAYS 41-44 – North Carolina BBQ! Yum!!

Wednesday was the day Max was dreading. He started to get teary-eyed whenever he thought about leaving Andi. We woke up early and got all packed up. I’m pretty sure I will never get all the sand out of this RV! It is EVERYWHERE! Andi and her dad spent about an hour with us before it was time to pull out. Max said a tearful goodbye and we took pictures. We pulled away and Max and Andi were waving to each other. Max was very, very sad for the rest of the day and that evening. He called Andi after we got to our next destination. That cheered him up a bit, but not much.
It rained most of the day, which fit Max’s mood. Our next stop was a hotel in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. We parked the RV, checked in, and went to our room. It had quite a 70s feel to it with all the light greens and geometric patterns. I’m pretty sure Carol Brady herself decorated it!
We dumped our bags, and found a fantastic North Carolina barbeque place for lunch. If you’ve never had North Carolina barbeque, you have sadly neglected your taste buds and your soul…
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This week I have a Masonism for you.
In the RV one afternoon, Mason (age 3) was sitting quietly (for once) and looking around. After a few minutes, he said, “We sure have nice doorknobs!”
Hugs to all!

Think Twice Before Giving Away Your Entire Book Online For Free

I’ve read lots of different stories online about authors giving away free copies of their ebooks to try to boost print book sales. Some, mostly from traditional publishers, say doing this increased sales (but nobody seems to want to give out the real numbers) while others say doing this hurts sales.
I thought I’d share my thoughts on this with you to help you determine if you should give away your book, or a significant portion of it, for free.

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