Typing Ten Feet From the Atlantic

After stopping in Georgia, we drove to Flagler, Florida. The campground, Beverly Beach RV and Camptown Resort, was right on the ocean. Our RV was parked facing the surf and it was breathtakingly beautiful! After we stopped, pulled out the slides, and got set up, Richard checked his email while Max and Mason piled out of the RV and ran down to the beach with me, barefoot and carefree…

Letters To The Editor For April 30th

  • We’re Not the Only Ones Disturbed by the Washington State Attorney General Letter…
  • One Thing Leads to Another!

When Audience Questions Come From Left Field, Get Ready To Catch! By Juliann Wetz

Public speaking – book talks – author readings. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the chance to showcase your writing in a public forum. What a thrill and boost to the ego it is to stand in front of a group of people who are hanging on your every word; people who spend their free time immersing themselves in your thoughts, ideas and expressions.

I Have Marketing Money; Where to Spend?

Hi Angela,
I am enjoying your “Online Book Marketing That Works” series, and have gotten so many great tips. In Part V, you focus on free advertising.
If a writer did want to invest some money in this type of advertising, can you recommend a few places to do so? I’ve tried researching this online myself, but there were so many possibilites that I didn’t know where to begin.
Thanks for your help.

Confess Your Way to Extra Cash By Diane Sonntag

As a single mother, I was desperate to make some extra money. I tried working a second job, but after I paid child care for my two young children, I pretty much broke even for my time and trouble. Plus, I missed my kids. All of the work-at-home jobs I found turned out to be scams and I truly didn’t know what to do.

Duck Attack!

On Saturday evening, we were feeding the ducks at a campground pond. They were pretty aggressive. Okay, they were incredibly aggressive…

What’s Up With THIS?!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but the Dear Author blog has a 600+ comment post about romance writer Deborah McGillivray and the Amazon system. Here is the link.
There is also a petition in place to try to get Amazon to change their rating system. See: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/amazon_change/
Keep up the good fight.

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