Dad Gummed Computers!

I have two laptops, a primary one and a backup one, for those days when the primary one croaks and needs to be taken to the computer doc. It’s rare but it happens…

Secret Marketing Tips for Your Book By Scott Rose

If you think I’m trying to hit you over the head with sarcastic, ironic subtlety regarding the use of keywords in online book promotion, don’t think again! And sometime, you’ll simply have to ask me about my recipe for key(word) lime pie. Book book book. Secret secret secret…

Yes, You Should Absolutely Simultaneously Submit!

Dear Angela,
Thank you for taking the time to help. I am still trying to find a market for my first short story. My question is about multiple submissions. I read one author who said everybody does it. Then I read another author who said it’s risky because if you are accepted by one editor and have to pull a submission from other editors, the others may be less inclined to accept future submissions. Any suggestions?

Getting Started as a Sex Columnist By Laura Roberts

Upon graduating from Concordia University in Montreal, I had big dreams about how I would put my honours degree in Creative Writing and English Literature to work. I had started my own smut zine as a student, and wanted to write a more interesting version of the sex column for one of the local papers. ..

Whispers And Warnings For February 27TH

4 You Publications (former publisher of Splurge Magazine) – Served warrants for $79,000 in back taxes
“Ray also had six legal actions filed against him by five private creditors in 2007 over non-payment of debts. Publication Printers of Denver filed suit in March against 4 You and Ray personally, seeking $102,534.”
“Others filing legal action are 4 You’s former landlord, Cook Construction, which wound up evicting the company; Valley Offset; Gregory Services; and Jostens.”
“Rick Ray said he now publishes Splurge under his Inspired Concepts company, rather than 4 You Publications. He said there are no tax warrants against Inspired Concepts.”


Well, my New Year’s Resolution paid off. Using my new schedule of working on MY books at least one hour each morning has helped me finally finish the book I’ve been working on for what seems like forever, BOOK PROPOSALS THAT WORKED! Real Book Proposals That Landed $10K – $100K Publishing Contracts! Whoo hoo!!
Now I can sit back and…get to work on my next one! Ha ha. Richard will be doing the marketing campaign for the book. I write. He promotes. It works out really well for us all!
I have a confession. Zach loaned us his DVD set of the first season of Lost…

ONLINE BOOK MARKETING THAT WORKS – Part V: Free Advertising For You / Free Content For Them By Angela Hoy

This week, we’re gonna drum up some free advertising in ezines, blogs, websites and maybe even some magazines.
If you can’t/won’t spend money to place ads in magazines, ezines, blogs and websites, you might still be able to get them to mention your book. How? By offering them free content to publish.
Remember the book excerpts we formatted during Week II? Well, let’s see if we can get those published in some periodicals that are already serving your book’s target audience…

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