Kids’ Orifices…

I was sitting next to Max in the RV on the way from New York to Massachusetts. He kept making blowing noises with his nose. When I saw him put his finger in his nose, I asked him if he needed a tissue. He replied, “No.”
I said, “Don’t you have boogies?”
He said, “No, it’s a rock.”

Marketing Bootcamp for Writers

Hey, Ang —
I recently completed the Marketing Bootcamp for Writers course given by Sonya Carmichael Jones. I would like to express to you how very beyond satisfied I was with the exercise, but fear I will run out of superlatives.
The material was excellent; it seemed to distill the very best of what other books and courses might offer, plus some of Sonya’s unique takes. It’s dense going, with a lot to chew over. But ultimately very nourishing to the writerly ego, as one begins to learn one has more valuable assets than previously imagined. And her advice on how to present oneself in a way the market will appreciate is always dead on, pure caviar even.
My only regret is that I did not stumble upon this course earlier in my career. It has proven of incredible value. I’ve been floundering for some time, wondering exactly how to pitch my services. By Week Five, I had a new tag line, elevator pitch and company name ready to go!
Sonya is a gem, an amazingly savvy and insightful teacher/coach. Smart as a whip, and with a high level of self-discipline that’s very inspiring. She has a way of presenting material so that you can’t help but get something out of it. And of putting you on the right track with gentle firmness. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to both beginning and intermediate writers. Maybe even tough ol’ pros would benefit!
Thanks for providing this great opportunity.
With best wishes,
Susan Kelly

Writers Should Be Cautious Of What Information Is Put Online By Diane Craver

I’ve had a website for the past few years to promote my books with After receiving traditional contracts recently for my romance novels , I’m in the process of having a new website designed. My new one will be limited in what personal information is given. Why? Because I want to avoid contacts from nuts. I’ll tell you what I’ve learned from other authors to prevent trouble.

Angela Is On Vacation, But…

We’re currently on vacation in Pennsylvania. We left last week in our RV and meandered our way down here. The weather is a bit warmer than we’re accustomed to, and humid, too, but the delicious home cooking found here, along with the beautiful scenery, makes it all definitely worthwhile!
You can read about our travels here:
Now, if you’ll excuse me, the children want me to take them swimmming. 😉

Book Proposals Aren’t Just For How-To Books Anymore By Patricia Fry

I hear it all the time, “I don’t need a book proposal because I’m writing a novel.” One woman told me, “My book simply defies the need to write a book proposal first. I’ll pitch it to publishers as already written.” Or the classic, “Sure, you might write a book proposal for a how-to book, but not a memoir.”
Excuse me, but I beg to differ. Every book should start with a book proposal. The only exceptions are books for personal distribution to family members and friends and, perhaps, instructional or educational books with limited distribution to a specific company, organization or industry. Books written with a national, international or even regional audience in mind, in order to be successful, require tremendous forethought. And this means, write a book proposal first.

One Of The Scariest Days Ever…

Last weekend, Max, who will be five years old next month, came upstairs, into our bedroom, and asked if he could watch cartoons. I told him no because I was working, and needed it to be quiet. He walked out. Richard was downstairs preparing for our upcoming RV trip. Mason (age 7 weeks) was asleep on my lap. The other kids were away for a day trip to a friend’s camp.
About 30 minutes later, Richard came upstairs and asked, “Where’s Max?”

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