Frank’s Oops And Our First UFO…Or UFL?

Since last week, Frank has been injured, we’ve seen a UFO (or maybe it was UFL?), we were unsuccessful at touring a winery, stayed at a really bad and very crowded campground, watched two rabbits fight, and visited the Henry Ford Museum!

Authors Who Spam…By Angela Hoy

I receive several hundred spams each week. Most want to show me how to make my male anatomy bigger (even though I’m a woman) while others want to dump a bunch of money into my account from some foreign dignitary who’s on the run from his or her government. The only spam that I usually forgive is spam from non-fiction authors. You see, I’m running an ezine for writers and authors. If they send me a marketing message about their book, I’ll usually overlook it. They could very well want me to review their book (even though we never publish book reviews). But, they may not know that, so I give them the benefit of the doubt.

Letters To The Editor For August 31st

This Week:

  • Enjoyed The Newsletter Writing Class!
  • Regarding Angela’s article: World’s Worst Book Proposals
  • Dealing With Jerks Online
  • Regarding last week’s article: Who Cares If It’s Spelled Right?
  • Thanks For The Leads!
  • Angela Is In Current Issue Of Bottomline Personal

Turning Rejection into Revenue By Martha Miller

About a year after I started freelancing, I was getting pretty good at accepting rejections. Instead of letting it ruin my day, I would view a “No, thank you” response (as I prefer to call them), as part of the game. Usually, I would take the query, give it another good look, tweak it if needed, and send it out to someone else.

Whispers and Warnings For August 31st

This Week:

Where Are We Today?

Since last week, we’ve traveled through four states, toured a quarry, stuffed ourselves as an ice cream factory and visited the boyhood home of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s husband.

Who Cares If It’s Spelled Right? By Johnny Gunn

More and more in my position as editor of an online newsmagazine I come across what I’m calling e-mail English and spelling. Grammar mistakes are rampant, words are mangled, and punctuation is non-existent. In a recent letter to the editor, I chastised the writer for his use of our language and his retort was, “who cares if it’s spelled right, you know what I mean.”

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