One Sick Kitty

As I’m writing this, we’re just crossing the North Carolina / Virginia border, heading north. The fall foliage here is breathtaking! Wish I could stop and take some photos, but we’re on our way back to Maine because Ali’s cat, Blotch, is ill. It should take us about 22-24 hours of driving time, which means we’ll have to stop and take a break at a hotel tonight. Ali’s doing pretty good and feels bad that our trip was cut short. But, I know she and Blotch will want to be together during this time.
UPDATE: Blotch is on antibiotics so he’ll probably be okay, but he sure is one sick kitty. Ali’s very happy to be with him. We’re going to get a pill gun from the vet in the morning because Blotch will not take pills. He’s too smart to eat them if you mix them with tuna, and he’ll take your finger off if you try to force one down his throat. I tried to give Blotch a pill this evening, forgetting about all the scars he’s given me over the years. He bit me, hacked up the pill (ewwwww!) and is now hiding from us.
Blotch – 1
Angela – 0
We’ll see how it goes tomorrow with the pill gun.
NEW UPDATE 10/27/04: They had to admit Blotch to the kitty hospital this morning (Wednesday) for an IV. He won’t eat, drink or take his medicine at all. He has his blanky and his stuffed giraffe and we can visit him at anytime. We’re hoping he’ll be home by the weekend. 🙁
Hugs to all!
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Using Jobseeker Techniques To Sell Your Writing By Gail Kavanagh

Recently I sat in on a self marketing seminar for young jobseekers.
Traditional methods of looking for work are out of favor, and the seminar leader drew up a graph to show why – only 20% of available jobs are advertised, he said. What the jobseeker should be concentrating on are the 80% that aren’t advertised.

Placemats Aren’t Just For Dining! By Anika Logan

At the time that I was planning my Mexican themed summer bash this August, I was feeling very discouraged about my writing. The day before the party I stood in my kitchen, whipping up my famous nachos while my friend Mandy grated cheese for the recipe. Suddenly she left the kitchen and returned a few moments later with something behind her back.
“I know you’ve been down in the dumps lately about your writing, Anika, so I thought with this party coming up you could use a little shameless promotion and some cheering up. So here it is!”

Whispers and Warnings For October 27th

Beach BBQ

We spent the weekend with my sister, Autumn, and her husband, Dave. They introduced us to Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, with its white sand beaches, stiff winds (glad we didn’t blow into the ocean!) and an incredible restaurant. You can read all about it HERE.
We’re staying at a really nice campground in Myrtle Beach right now and, while they don’t have wireless Internet access, they do let you dial into your dial-up service directly from your RV. So, it’s not too bad. But, between the four of us needing Internet access, if you turn your back for a second, somebody just might yank the phone line out of your laptop and stick it in their own.
I took the day off on Sunday and, after our drive to Myrtle Beach, I cooked a big, fancy dinner…which is not an easy task when you’re working with about 12 square inches of counter space. Ali made an incredible pumpkin cake for dessert and we wolfed it down with cinnamon ice cream. Our burgers on the grill tonight, with maybe some cookies and milk for dessert, will be pretty anti-climatic. Where are we sleeping tonight? You can track our current adventures at:
Hugs to all!
P.S. The Fall 24-Hour Short Story Contest is THIS SATURDAY! Can you receive an assigned topic and then write and submit an award-winning story within 24 hours? See:

Marketing to Bookstores – A Waste of Time? By Angela Hoy

I’m often asked how new authors, both self- and traditionally-published, can get their book into bookstores.
Traditional publishers often don’t get the majority of their new titles on bookstore shelves. There are just far too many books on the market for bookstores to carry all published titles on their shelves. Sadly, many authors think that getting a traditional contract means their book will be in almost every bookstore in the country. That’s just not the case.
Authors who successfully manage to get their books on a few bookstores shelves are primarily targeting local bookstores which are often happy to help a local author.

Finding Freelance Jobs in Technical Writing By Debbie Swanson

echnical Writing is a profitable and challenging way to employ your writing skills. Software, hardware, and manufacturing companies will always need good Technical Writers to create clear, user-friendly documentation.
Just how does the freelancer locate Technical Writing jobs? Here are five creative ways.

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