It’s Almost Time to Go!

Our itinerary is almost finalized and we’ll soon be heading south in our RV. We’ll be visiting two renaissance faires while we’re on the road and the children are SO excited about that!! They’ll be studying the Renaissance Period as part of their homeschooling curriculum leading up to attending the actual fairs. They’re anticipating the characters and the events, such as jousting and horse races, while Richard and I can’t wait to sink our teeth into smoked turkey legs and other high-fat culinary delights (hey, they’re zero carb!!).
Unfortunately, we’ve had to postpone our trip to Florida because it appears someone has a vendetta against that state, but we plan to travel there in 2005. We are heading South soon, just not quite THAT far south. We’ll be enjoying the Fall foliage on the way down and will be spending quite a bit of time on the beaches of the Atlantic ocean before heading back through the mountains, and back through the Fall foliage. We’re so excited!! You’ll be able to track our progress at
Hugs to all!

Offering Your Writing Services as a Writing Tutor: How One Aspiring Children’s Book Author Solved the Steady Paycheck Dilemma By Mindy Hardwick

Offering Your Writing Services as a Writing Tutor: How One Aspiring Children’s Book Author Solved the Steady Paycheck Dilemma By Mindy Hardwick

Last spring, I gave up an eight year teaching career to pursue a career in writing for children. I knew that working as a teacher left no energy for writing. However, my writing career wasn’t paying a stable income. I didn’t have books that were paying advances or royalties, and I needed to be involved with children in order to capture their voices on the page. How did I solve the problem of generating a stable income, maintaining contact with children, and having the energy to write stories? I became a writing tutor.

Do I Need to Pay Interview Subjects?

I’m writing a memoir for which I’m interviewing a number of people who were involved in the story, such as EMTs, witnesses, family members, friends, etc. The story is a very positive one, overall. My question is, do the interviewees need to sign any kind of a release to allow me to use the information they provide? I think they do, or should. But I can’t find a standard release that seems to fit this situation– the usual release that absolves them of any libel/slander arising from the book but also indicates they release all rights to receive revenue from doing the interview. And, if I do need to use such a release, where can I find one?

How My Freelance Career Derailed and How a Sympathetic Editor Got it Back on Track By Martha Miller

My freelance career began about two and a half years ago after reading an article and deciding I could have written it better. It has been said writers need to have a little arrogance and I never thought I did until that moment. The story dragged. It was about shopping for a certain piece of furniture and it was illustrated with an unhappy-looking store clerk next to a dusty, empty bookshelf. The photo was as much of a turnoff as the article.

Whispers and Warnings For September 29th

This Week:

Lobster Ice Cream?!

Frank surprised me the other day by saying, “Zach’s so nice now, Mom!”
I responded, “Well, he’s growing up, honey. When siblings grow up, they usually stop arguing about silly things.”
He squinted at me and replied, “Are you sure ya’ll didn’t brainwash him?”
We spent Sunday driving through the countryside, toward the coast, looking at the Fall foliage, which is just coming out here in Maine. We then drove to Bar Harbor, did some shopping, and ate a great dinner. It was quite chilly and the strong winds coming off the Atlantic made it downright cold. We stopped at one store and plunked down too much money on some new fleece jackets. We’d only grabbed sweaters on our way out that morning, forgetting how cold it can be on the coast this time of year.
It wasn’t too cold, however, to stop by our favorite ice cream shop, Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium, on the way home! Richard ordered the pumpkin pie flavor, but I was too skittish to try the lobster ice cream. After taking a big bite of Ali’s lobster at dinner, I decided not to try it mixed with sugar. Ick.
Hugs to all!

Book Sales Down? Don’t Give Up!

I used to think I had seasonal book selling fluctuations all figured out. November and December were always pretty busy because of the holidays. Things would drop off in January and February. Revenues would pick up in the Spring, but drop off in July and August when people were on vacation. They’d pick back up again in September because school would be back in session and people would be getting back to business, and so on.
Major news items like 9-11, the start of the Iraq war, and even the recent hurricanes affected us, but in a very minor way and for only a day or so.
But, this summer, all my theories were proven wrong.

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