Our Very First RV Excursion

We’re on the road, on our very first RV excursion, and boy are we having fun! In only five days, we’ve slept in Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania. Frank caught a fish, the children played putt putt, we saw Richard’s dad and grandmother, and Max has screamed “Big rocks! Big rocks!” through every mountain pass. It rained most of the weekend and the sound of the big raindrops on the top of the RV sure can make you sleepy! The dark clouds were hanging heavy over the Apalachian mountains on Monday and it reminded me of the misty mountains in the rain forest of Costa Rica. However, seeing all those red taillights through the highway construction quickly jolted me back to the present.

When Your Customer Commits Fraud

Ordering something with no intention of paying for it is fraud, plain and simple. Unfortunately, there is a growing problem with this online that I want to make you aware of. The typical scenario is the customer orders a book, claims it’s lousy, demands a refund, and threatens to report the author to the authorities if they don’t comply. I recently received a letter from an ebook author who was the victim of one of these jerks. This week, I’m sharing her letter here along with my experience dealing with these types of criminals.

Letters To The Editor For April 28th

~The 24-Hour Short Story Contest is FUN!~
This was the first time I’ve ever done this, and I can’t tell you how much fun it was! I thought about my story all day, stayed up way too late writing it and then got up early to edit and send. Thanks so much for doing this – I already feel like I’ve won!
Craig Smith

The 10 Top Do’s & Don’ts of Pitching Oprah! By Susan Harrow

Most people believe that getting on Oprah will make them richer than Joe Millionaire. For your career to careen toward the stars, you must prepare to make the most of your appearance. Here are 10 do’s and don’ts to help you reach the dream of being on Oprah. As a media coach and marketing expert, I have helped many people be great guests on Oprah. Follow this advice to increase your chances of getting on the show.

Over 80 Rejections in 10 Years = One Stubborn Author! By Angela Dorsey

I have been writing for twelve years with the majority of those years being rewriting and submitting my first juvenile fiction/young adult novel, Freedom. With over eighty rejections, I think I am a good example of perseverance, or just plain stubbornness.

And a bucket for you, and a bucket for you…

Two hours later, Max woke up vomiting violently. He threw up every 20 to 30 minutes for 10 hours straight. I called the doctor and he said if Max was still throwing up by noon the following day, we’d have to take him to the emergency room for an IV. Thankfully, Max stopped shortly after 10:00 a.m. and finally fell asleep.

Letters To The Editor For April 21st

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Color Outside the Lines to Sell Your Book By Jacquie McTaggart

In 2001 I reluctantly retired from an incredibly rewarding and satisfying 42-year teaching career. I had loved everything (well, almost everything) about teaching, but I was 62 years old and I wanted to leave the profession while I was still effective and enjoying my community

Internet Connection Through Cell Phone?

Wow, your article last week was really inspiring. I’d love to know more about how you got an Internet connection through your cell phone and how much it costs.
My lack of knowledge on this has prevented me from traveling sometimes. I bought a laptop, but I’m forever chained to my desktop. Even if you don’t have the time to tell me the details, maybe you can point in the right direction?
Also, I’d love for you to keep us posted about your travels. I’m sure you’ll do that.
Thank you,
Darla Bruno

Richard answering here…
We went with T-Mobile after reading this article, which reviewed all the cellular data services:
It is not the fastest, nor even the best coverage, but it was unlimited access for a flat monthly rate. Most of the other services charge you if you go over a certain quota. We’re on so much that I was afraid we would hit the quotas and get stuck with extra charges (hefty ones, in some cases).
Overall, it worked well. I wouldn’t do any heavy surfing on it, but the connection was good enough to do email and to access the administration pages on our sites (which are fairly small in size). Though there was some signal drop in certain areas, generally it held steady as we tooled down the road. T-Mobile’s coverage is pretty decent, especially along the major US highways.
The big plus is it allowed us to work while in transit. Usually when we go on these road trips, everything piles up until we stop for the night. Cellular data service lets us keep on top of stuff during that normally “dead time” while on the road. It is currently the only reliable option for Internet access while in transit on the highway.
It costs $29.99 per month for the service, and you have to buy a special card for $350 that fits into your laptop. (It is basically a cell phone without the “phone” part.)
Details are on the T-Mobile site here:

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