Luck Be With You By Justin Silves

Though I’ve dreamed of being a writer since I began penning my first verses around the age of 14, it’s been bad luck that’s enabled me to begin my career as a freelancer. I recently took a flying leap of faith into a full time freelance career, though the circumstances that led up to my decision to do so were a little extraordinary.

Promoting Your Own Book (Because No One Else Will) by Aliza Sherman

Published authors often lament the challenge of getting their publisher to promote their books. They aren’t ungrateful. They just realize that if they aren’t a top-tier author, they are going to have to promote their book themselves. Here are some published authors who took charge of their book promotions with positive results. Jane Applegate (, […]

Homeschool Mom = Freelance Writer By Michele Howe

Homeschool Mom = Freelance Writer By Michele Howe

I’m a homeschooling mom of four kids. The oldest two are now attending a public high school where my husband teaches upper level mathematics. I’ve been writing reviews, articles on parenting, and helpful how-tos for about 14 years now. Most of that time, I’ve had to juggle managing the home, the homeschooling, and life in general with my writing, I long ago discovered that writing for 30 minutes each day produced quite a lot of work.

Finding Fellowships: Getting Paid to Write By Aviya Kushner

What is a “writing fellowship,” anyway? A fellowship means cash (a grant) or living space earmarked to help writers write. Sometimes it’s just breathing space – a few days in a remote location, meant to help you jump-start a project. Most grants are for literary writers of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, but there are also […]

Writing and Selling News Items By David Geer

I’ve found a way in to consumer and trade publications where no opening was apparent before. How did I attain clips in Art&Antiques, IEEE’s Computer magazine and McGraw-Hill’s Engineering News-Record? By writing for their news sections! In some cases, this calls for writing shorter pieces, but in two of these three examples the pay was […]

Copyright Infringement – My Wake-Up Call By Victoria Kirk

The war in Iraq launched my voyage through copyright infringement. Just before the war a fellow Quaker asked me for a web link to an article I had written. Searching for a link to the article that had appeared in On the Issues, a woman’s magazine that died in 1999, I found my story […]

Creative Queries and a Dash of Confidence By Melissa Walker

From my window in Brooklyn, I can see Manhattan’s shiny, silver Financial District over the rooftops and through the trees. When I worked as an Assistant Editor at a national women’s magazine, I hardly ever looked out my windows-I missed the sunny part of the day anyway. But when my magazine folded and I found myself with a bit of severance pay, I decided to open the curtains.

Cash in on History By Mikel Weaver

If you only write about the latest news and the hottest trends, you may be missing out on one of the best niches for freelance writers – historical and nostalgic articles. Editors are paying top dollar for writers who can put a fresh spin on old topics, and I’m not just talking about Civil War […]