Good Writers Are Good Readers By Damien Roohr

Good Writers Are Good Readers By Damien Roohr

Everything I know about good writing I learned in Portage, Wisconsin in 1981. I was a cub reporter for the local daily paper. On the way back to the office from our standard mid-day fare of beer-boiled brats and string cheese, my friend, Patrick, also a cub reporter and the more talented writer, and I paused at a sidewalk book sale. Patrick handed me Giving Good Weight by one John McPhee.

Writing For Teens By Mridu Khullar

You’ve looked at the magazines and thought, “Heck, I could do this!” Is it really as easy as it seems, or do you still have a lot to learn? I used to look at the magazines my teenage neighbor and her friends read and think, “Heck, I could do that!” So one day, I borrowed […]

No More Cruddy Contracts: Six Rules for More Agreeable Agreements By Kelly James-Enger

The average freelancer is probably much more interested in the actual writing he or she does than worrying about the business aspects of a writing career. Consider contracts. Many writers simply accept the language in the contracts they receive because they don’t know any better, they’re afraid to try to negotiate with a publisher, or […]

Success Breeds Success through by Mary Cook

Certainly you may have my autograph – but no pictures, please! brought me fame and a mailbox bursting with fan mail. Okay, there were eight e-mails, but when you consider that until then I’d only had two fan letters in my 15-year writing life, that was riches indeed. Andy Warhol predicted we would all have our 15 minutes of fame, but mine lasted almost a week.

Deducting the Home Office – Just Got Better By A.J. Cataldo, Ph.D., CPA, CMA

Excerpted from: Tax Planning Strategies for the Self-Employed Much mysticism surrounds the home office deduction. Many tax accountants continue to advise their clients to avoid the home office deduction. They may say that any depreciation deduction will have to be recaptured if/when they sell their home. This was always a silly argument. As of December […]

Doubling Your Dollars By Dekker Malone

Writing a sequel to your existing novel can double your dollars. Learn how to sell two books to customers instead of one! This is a free excerpt from SEQUEL SENSE, an entertaining, insightful look at sequel writing and marketing. I discovered something about sequels in a most unexpected place – Wichita Falls, Texas. That’s where […]