There Must Be 50 Ways to Fleece a Writer By Linda Avey Bullock

Like many writers I was outraged back when Moxie editor Emily Hancock began demanding a $10 reading fee with all submissions. I fired off rants to editors, made a crude voodoo doll in what I imagined to be in Emily Hancock’s likeness, and stuck pins between its eyes, in the back of its head, and, […]

Keep Writing! By Rev. Dr. Steve Burt

In the eighties and nineties I published dozens of Christmas short stories in newspapers and in “little and literary” magazines. I didn’t make much money, but I picked up many legitimate publishing credits. In 2000 I collected twelve of the stories into a self-published book, A Christmas Dozen: Christmas Stories to Warm the Heart. A backyard hit, it sold out its first printing of 1,000 in 40 days and 40 nights, then sold half the second printing of 3,000 in the next 20 days. By the end of a full year I had sold 8,000 and professionally recorded the audio book myself.

Procrastination as a Writing Solution By M.J. Rose

This article may be freely reprinted/redistributed as long as the entire article and bio are included. I don’t remember ever wanting to be anything other than a writer. As a kid I devoured books and authors were my heroes. But no matter how many notebooks or pens I bought, no matter how many classes I […]

Baby = Endless Article Ideas By Carrie Steinweg

From as far back as I can remember I have had two goals in my life: to become a mother and to become a writer. I’ve finally fulfilled both wishes and am ecstatic at being able to fulfill both roles simultaneously.

When You’ve Been Violated: What To Do When Someone Steals Your Ideas or Articles By Angela Hoy

What can you do if someone steals your article or book idea? Unfortunately, not much. If you’re not positive they stole your idea and can’t prove it, spreading rumors about their alleged theft can get you into lots of legal trouble. If you’re positive they stole your idea, article or book, you need to let them know you’ll be telling the online writing community to watch out for them. If you alert enough of us about their unethical behavior, it could make a serious dent in the quality of the queries coming into their office.

How to Kick Start Your Freelance Career By Susan Miles

I must admit, I have never had dreams or lofty ambitions of being a writer. I have always been in awe of those who could write and their ability to inspire and motivate those who read their offerings.

How to Write a “How To” Book By Susan Bilheimer

Do you know that what you know can make you money? Many of the top-selling books on the market today are “How To” books. Our society devours instructional manuals about everything from relationships to dieting to crafts and cars! The best news is that e-books, which involve little-to-no cost to publish, are a prime vehicle […]