Turn Gigs You Already Get Into More Writing Income! By David Geer

Seven practices to give yourself a bonus! ASK FOR A BETTER CONTRACT Ask for a better contract when you’re giving up too many rights, you can’t figure out what you’re getting paid or when, or you are an authority or have a demonstrable specialty. Just ask, “Do you have a better contract?” Let them ask […]

It’s Not What You Know – Not Now, At Least By Damien Roohr

Writers are steadily admonished: Write what you know! Well, I don’t know about you, but I know a lot, and much of it, okay, most of it, would not go any further along the transom than the nearest circular file. After all, who wants to read that trash pickup in my neighborhood is Wednesday mornings? Or, what editor would buy a piece about replacing household light bulbs?

Reselling the Sold: Ten steps to Repackaging An Article For Resale By Carolyn Burch

In sales, reselling is not usually an option unless a thing can be mass-produced, which is not a possibility in writing non-fiction articles and magazine pieces as a general rule. However, with a slight twist, most pieces that have been sold once, can be sold again, multiplying your ability to spread yourself around. In freelance […]

I’m a Writer, Thanks to a Brain Tumor: PART II!! By Bill Asenjo

Curious about freelance writing courses offered at our community college, I called someone teaching an essay-writing course and mentioned that I was a freelance writer. He urged me to contact the community college. Encouraged, I also approached my local community center. Bear in mind, I’m in Iowa City, home of the University of Iowa’s internationally-acclaimed Writers Workshop. Yet after receiving a surprisingly warm welcome, I began teaching freelance writing courses for both.

Re-Work It; Re-Write It…Re-Sell It! By Christina Spence-Maharajh

Nothing thrills a freelance non-fiction writer as much as a new sale. Chocolate may make me happy, but a new sale makes me positively ecstatic. It generally causes me to run around the house jumping up and down for a while, while my family smiles and then joins in the excitement. They know what’s causing […]

Versatility is Essential When You’re An Expert on Nothing By Mary Cook

I first met success while staring down the twin barrels of poverty and debt. My husband and I were going through a bad patch financially. Actually, “patch” doesn’t begin to describe this encumbrance the size of Asia. And our rented house in rural England had all the conveniences of the average garden shed.

WritersWeekly Warnings Report – Press-Tige Publishing

Date Filed: 03/06/02 Company: Press-Tige Publishing, presstigebooks.com , Press-Tige Books, Press-Tige Press, Kelly O’Donnell Literary Agency, Inc., O’Donnell Literary Services, Inc., Writers Information US Agency, Kelly O’Donnell, Martha M. Ivery, Martha Ivery, Kelly (or Martha) Reidda, Creek Lane Literary Agency (Sheryl Montanye), Joseph Wilson Associates, New Millennium Publishing (Craig Roussan and Denise Lasseter) If you […]


A new author who uses a small or P.O.D. publisher must make some important decisions about his or her book promotion. If the author believes his or her book is well-written, if the author has something to say, or if the book is important in some way, then the author must decide what role he […]