An Immodest Story of Modest Success by Kenneth A. Champeon

Frankly, I have never taken authors’ recipes for writing success seriously. “Those who don’t know, teach,” as the old saw goes. In any case, it is quite easy to make money writing. Infinitely more difficult is caring about what you write, without enduring the enervation and stupid inefficiency of the query/rejection-letter cycle.

Online PR – Theory and Practice, Part One by Richard Hoy

This week I’d like to kick off a two-part series on online PR. In this first part, we’ll go though the basic theory of good online PR. And in part two, we’ll discuss how you actually put the theory to practice. I got my start in marketing as a public relations (PR) professional. PR professionals […]

The Accidental Real Estate Expert by Dan Rafter

Four years ago, I didn’t know a thing about real estate. I didn’t even own a house. If you would have asked me then if I knew what an ARM was, I would have told you, “Yes, in fact, I have two of them.”


This week I’d like to discuss the trials and tribulations of distributing self-published books. There is an incorrect perception that every book has to be distributed through traditional channels in order to be successful. What I mean by that is authors think their books have to be distributed by Ingram or Baker & Taylor and […]