Author Accused of Killing Husband Has Sued His Estate – In The News – 06/24/2023

Author Accused of Killing Husband Has Sued His Estate – In The News – 06/24/2023

Her (alleged) motive is becoming more clear!
Author of Children’s Book About Grief Who is Accused of Killing her Husband Files Suit Against his Estate
“Before his death, Eric Richins met with an estate planner and intentionally directed that his estate be managed by his sister rather than his wife, according to documents filed in the criminal case.”

This one almost flew under our radar!
Gov. Abbott signs new law about ‘sexually explicit’ school books
“According to the way the law’s written, companies that sell books to Texas schools will now have to include a rating. Vendors can no longer sell a book they deem ‘sexually explicit.’”

Return of an Old Favorite
Bookforum is back! After folding last year, the beloved lit mag is revived by the Nation
“The preexisting Bookforum team also expressed excitement about its new affiliation with the Nation. Michael Miller, who will remain Bookforum’s editor in chief, said the outlet knows how to run magazines, and praised the Nation’s president.”

Is it really “intelligence” if it’s just mimicking other people’s voices?
RIAA Targets ‘AI Hub’ Discord Users Over Copyright Infringement
“This server(s) is/are dedicated to infringing our members’ copyrighted sound recordings by offering, selling, linking to, hosting, streaming, and/or distributing files containing our members’ sound recordings without authorization.”

Justice for wrongly accused … or injustice for potential victims??
Yale student who reported rape can be sued for defamation due to school’s procedures, court says
“Khan is suing Doe and Yale over the rape allegations and his November 2018 expulsion from the school, saying the sex was consensual. Khan was criminally charged, but a jury acquitted him earlier in 2018.”

Maybe that PRIME account isn’t such a good deal.
FTC sues Amazon for ‘tricking and trapping’ people in Prime subscriptions
“Amazon tricked and trapped people into recurring subscriptions without their consent, not only frustrating users but also costing them significant money…”



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