Yet Another Tale Of A Website Stealing Content From Another…

Hi Angela,

I read this week’s Ask the Expert on unauthorized use of work. I have a website that I run. I once discovered that someone had reposted some of the Q&A from that site into their blog. Would that still be considered unauthorized use of work? If so, what should I do about it? The information is available on my website for free.


Hi Kate,

Whether you’re writing for charity or profit, your writing is still YOUR WRITING and nobody can publish it without your permission.

When this happens, you should send the company an invoice for unauthorized use of your work. If they don’t pay, contact their ISP. You can find this information by typing in their domain name at: (leave out the https://www. part of it).

I don’t know what your contract is with your contributors but please understand that the person who owns the rights to the writing is who should approach the copyright infringer.