Why won’t publishers buy books created with ChatGPT?

Why won’t publishers buy books created with ChatGPT?

Hi Angela,

I created five non-fiction books using ChatGPT. I think they turned out really good so I submitted my manuscripts to a literary agent. She said publishers aren’t going to want to publish my books. What do I do now?



ChatGPT pulls information from the Internet and other sources. Things YOU did not write. There is no way your books have not violated any copyrights. Amazon’s algorithms are very good at finding copyright infringement in books. They alert authors that their books contain “information freely found on the Internet.” And, then that author’s book gets removed from Amazon.

Furthermore, if you don’t correctly quote and cite your sources, you can get sued for copyright infringement, plagiarism, or both. ChatGPT may or may not provide you with the  correct sources it’s used. If it does not give you sources to cite, or gives you incorrect ones, guess who’s going to get sued? Not ChatGPT because they didn’t publish the book. YOU will get sued.

“When asked to add sources without being told which ones, (ChatGPT) tends to create plausible-looking citations for sources that don’t actually exist.”

While Amazon is selling some books created by ChatGPT right now, we expect them to stop doing that pretty soon. They already refuse to sell audiobooks with AI voices.

So, what should you do?

Do what authors have been doing since the beginning of the written word. Write you own d*mn book.

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