Why Isn’t My Website/Book Popping Up In Search Results?

Angela, your continually excellent and CLEAR, step-by-step Online Marketing articles are fantastic.

I was attempting to follow the instructions in today’s article, Subtly Promoting Your Book on Major News Sites, when I discovered something disappointing. I just had my website re-designed in regular format instead of flash. And, yes, I’m getting more traffic. BUT, when I type in the categories (such as Shanghai Jews on USA today, or even historical novels on Amazon), my book never comes up. Do you or Richard have any advice for me? Should I add some phrases to my website? Do you think I could learn to change my website myself instead of having to get in touch with (and pay) my designer?


The search engines are going to list sites first with the most information about the phrase as well as those that have lots of links from sites the search engine considers an authority.

Just putting the phrase “Shanghai Jews” on your website isn’t enough. You need to write some extensive articles about the subject (like this one) and then post them to your website.

You should then ask some of the sites that rank high in the search engines for that phrase to link to you.

Remember, search engines are trying to deliver the best source of information to their users. In order for your website to appear above the rest, your website has to be better/offer more valuable information than the other sites.

Also, Amazon allows you to offer what are called “search suggestions”. These are phrases you think fit a book. There is no guarantee they will accept them, but if they do the book you suggest will come up when customers search on the phrase you suggest.

You need an Amazon account to recommend phrases. Details are here: