Why Is The Booklocker.Com Cover Design Price So Low?


Your price (at BookLocker.com) for cover design is much lower than freelance designers, I find myself wondering what I would get for $200.

Bruce D.

We hear that a lot. People assume the low price means low quality but we get a great deal from our designer (he’s a freelancer) because we send him so much business. Of course, we then pass the savings onto our authors. At BookLocker.com, we break even on setup fees and earn profits on book sales. P.O.D. publishers that charge out the wazoo for cover design have simply found another way to fleece authors.

You can see samples of our designer’s work here:

Click on each cover to see the entire cover (front, back and spine).

We get raves from authors all the time about Todd, who is fast, super-friendly, and extremely professional.

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