Why Is BookLocker So Inexpensive Compared To Other POD Publishers?! The Answer Is Simple…

I am interested in speaking to someone about publishing my children’s book. I ran across the page advertising BookLocker’s (color-interior program) and would like to know a little more about this company, especially why is the pricing so inexpensive compared to some of the other publishing companies?

Yes, BookLocker’s setup fees are a lot lower than their major competitors. Why? We break even on setup fees, and earn our profits on book sales. Most of our competitors do it the opposite way. They gouge authors up front so they really don’t seem to care if the author sells any copies later since they’ve already emptied the authors’ wallets.

Of course, later, after the author has replenished their bank account, many POD publishers then upsell authors on worthless products and services that usually cost more than any resulting book sales. If these products and services really sold books, wouldn’t the publisher be offering them for free?

Unfortunately, most POD publishers seem far more interested in seeing how much they can drain from each author’s wallet than they are in selling books.

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