Who Provides Your Medical Insurance?

Hi Ang,

I searched many different ways in your newsletter to find your information about the family medical insurance. My friend needs insurance to span the gap between now and Medicare.

I’d appreciate your help.

I send you blessed wishes for a healthy New Year, with happiness and prosperity, too.

Love, Joan Bramsch

The cheapest medical insurance we found in Maine (only three companies offer medical insurance here) is Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. You can obtain an instant quote from them online here: https://www.bcbs.com/

The cost was significantly less than that offered by NASE (National Association of the Self Employed)…and, the coverage is better. For example, if I were still a member of NASE, I’d be paying almost $300 more per month, and my current pregnancy would NOT be covered. And, after we’d been with NASE for only a year, they hit us with a HUGE increase. I’d been warned by a reader they’d do that, and they did! That ended up costing them our business and our endorsements.

With NASE, our rates went from $1533 per quarter to $2007 per quarter to $2265 per quarter, all within 18 months! Oh, and to get a quote from them, they made us schedule an appointment with a rep to come to our home. At that time, we couldn’t get their rates any other way. So, after the huge rate increases, it was impossible for me to know if they were charging their new customers what they were now charging their loyal, old customers. I suspected we were being penalized for being with them for a whole year.

With Anthem, since they provide instant and anonymous quotes online, at least you know that you’re paying what everybody else is paying, and not being penalized for being their customer for a year. Believe me, I’ve checked and they’re still charging us what everybody else is paying, new and old customers alike.

Our deductible is high ($5K per person), but the monthly fee we’re paying ($477.04 for two adults and four children) is affordable and that includes an emergency room rider (always handy when you have this many children!).

Our rates will increase quite a bit when I turn 40 (oh joy!), so we might move up to a $10K deductible at that time.