Where can I post my synopsis?

Is there a website where authors can post synopsis (what is the plural of synopsis? flying flock of synopsi???)?

Thought I’d check with you because you have so many resources at your fingertips, and because you do an awesome job.


Well, ya got me wonderin’ so I took a guess and then looked it up to see if I was right. The plural of synopsis is synopses. It’s not a word most people use every day, that’s for sure!

We recently launched a free website for authors and book lovers called: https://www.freebookexcerpts.com

Authors can post excerpts and readers can post comments. There are tons of excerpts on there already so you might find yourself getting lost in the reading. It’s a lot of fun. I can’t go there too often because, if I do, I won’t get any work done.