What’s Your Opinion About Those Marketing Services with “Bestseller” in Their Name?

What’s Your Opinion About Those Marketing Services with “Bestseller” in Their Name?

Angela or Richard,

What is your opinion of the (name removed) organization and their bestseller program. The fee is $20 and they will purchase (a few) copies for reviewers to evaluate my book and potentially increase my sales dramatically. I would like your opinion. I would have to provide a copy of my book for them to utilize and have an opportunity for someone to win a free copy.

I value your opinion as I am considering taking this option.

First, if it’s only $20, YOU are going to have to provide them with review copies. They’re not going to purchase them.

Sending out a few review copies to unknown reviewers isn’t going to make your book a best seller. Whenevera firm uses the term “best seller,” when they can’t guarantee that status, it makes me question their integrity. And, if they are sending multiple books to the same reviewers over and over again, unsolicited, those reviewers may simply toss the books they’re receiving.

You would probably do better to contact professional reviewers who regularly review books for major media, and who have reviewed books in your genre. But, first contact them by email, and ask if you can send them a copy to review. Even lesser-known reviewers would be more likely to respond to a personal note from you rather than a firm they know you paid to distribute review copies. And, if they actually request a copy of your book, there’s a better chance they will actually review it instead of tossing it (or reselling it on Amazon – yes, some unscrupulous reviewers do that). If they say yes, send a nice letter to them on your personal letterhead, along with a copy of the book, reminding them of your conversation and, of course, pitching your book.

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