What’s The Secret To Selling Books Online?

While I consider myself a fairly good salesperson, I am eighty years old and wonder if self-marketing is for me. I wonder if I have the physical energy to get involved in self-publishing.

At the same time I have come to trust WritersWeekly in a number of areas. But I still wonder, Can an old man market a book?

I stopped traveling when I was pregnant with Max and haven’t done any out-of-the-house marketing since that time. All the marketing I do is done from right here, either on my laptop, or by phone (interviews). Oh, and yes, we take the entire business on the road in our RV…but I consider that working “at home”, too. I don’t leave home or the RV to do speaking engagements, book signings, etc.

My secret is that I write multiple books for one audience (writers) and market those books to a huge, targeted audience via WritersWeekly.com. It does take time to build up a large list and send out an ezine, but I sell far more books this way than I would if I traveled around and did book signings and appearances. I’ve done both and I far more more books just sitting here on my tush at home than I ever did while traveling and making appearances.

My book, Profitable Email Publishing, teaches readers how to do what we’ve done. See: https://www.writersweekly.com/books/548.html