What’s a “Blind Ad?”

Hi, Angela.

I always enjoy reading your weekly newsletter. (How you manage to come up with topics each week is, to me, miraculous.)

My confusion comes when I look at the list of jobs available, and you indicate various ones as a “blind ad.”

What is the significance of such a designation to us readers? Proceed with caution?

Thanks for your efforts and time.


Blind ad means the company chose not to identify themselves in the ad. It’s not that unusual for companies to do that because:

1. They may have an existing freelancer (or employee) who isn’t working out for them and they may not want that person to know they are about to be replaced.

2. They may want to be able to delete the ad (not leaving behind any archived contact information) after they hire someone so that they won’t continue to receive resumes when they are no longer needed.

Sure, there are some companies that hide their names because they have a bad reputation or because they plan to scam the applicants but, while we do occasionally make a mistake, we’re pretty good at spotting the snakes and weeding them out. đŸ™‚


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