What Should I Put in My Book Proposal?

Can I bother you for some advice?

The other day I wrote a book proposal for a collection of my stories.

Yesterday, I sent it to a publisher who once gave a review of a Chicken Soup for The Soul book that I had a story in. The publisher gave the book a bad review, but singled out my story as a shining point in the book.

I figured she’d be a good start to send my proposal to. This morning she requested a copy of my completed manuscript and my marketing plan.

I’ve never put a marketing plan together, but I have thought about what I would do if I got a publishing contract.

My first line of customers will be the 2500 subscribers to my ezine. Next would be all the sites and newsletters who use my stories occasionally. I’d also invest in advertising with Facebook, Google, etc. That would be expensive, but might pay for itself. I’d do book signings locally and try to get on a local radio talk show.

Is this enough or do I need more? I’m lost! I’d really appreciate your advice, Ang. This is my first bite and I would hate to blow it.


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