Upscale Magazine Wants Me To Quote A Rate For My Article. What Do I Do?

The editor of (an upscale magazine) just asked what compensation I’m seeking for an article I submitted. Do you have anything in your database that might help me out with a compensation answer to this dicey question?

Thank you.

It’s unusual for a magazine to ask the writer how much they charge. Most publications have set rates they pay for specific types of content (i.e. feature articles, fillers, etc.).

You have two choices. You can either ask about their standard rates for writer, or you can pitch a number to them. If you plan to pitch a number, but don’t want to underquote, you can get an idea of how large they are by viewing their media kit online. Most large magazines have them. You can also usually find out what their ad rates are on their website. Look for the word “advertise” on their homepage.

A third option is to try to find some of their writers online, and asking them how much they were paid. They may not share the information with you but, then again, they might.

You might assume a “luxury” publication can pay big bucks but I’ve seen many of them go out of business over the years.

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