Two Different Rates For The Same Words

I have written for a national publication and was told by the senior editor that the pay per article was $50. I received that amount for my first article for them. I have two more deadlines to write for this magazine –two articles that I pitched.

This magazine had a listing on another website and I contacted that person, who is the deputy editor, to inquire on what they were looking for and what they paid. She emailed me back saying they pay a flat rate of $350 for the same amount of words I am supposed to write for the next two articles.

In giving the benefit of the doubt, I contacted the senior editor and asked her to refresh my memory on the pay scale as I had heard they were paying different than what we had discussed. She stated they pay $50, but after you write for them five times, they increase it to $85.

How do I go about this situation without stepping on toes? I really do want to write for this publication but it would be nice to be paid more. I don’t know if I should call my original contact to talk to her about it? Or should I call the woman who has said she pays $350. Something is obviously not right here.

You should definitely tell them that you were quoted $350 by another editor and ask them why there’s a discrepancy. It may be a simple misunderstanding. Perhaps the editor who placed the new ad is new and is incorrect about the payment amounts. Or, they may be taking advantage of you because you signed on at $50 per article. Regardless, you deserve the same rate of pay that they’re offering new writers through their new ad.