Threats of Tortuous Interference

Hi, Angela,

A magazine owes numerous writers thousands of dollars (yep, me included).

I want to warn other freelancers to avoid this firm, but I was told that if I complained, I could be sued for “tortuous influences” (i.e., driving away their business). But if i give you info (or, well, anyone), I can’t stay anonymous. Do i really have to bite my tongue? Is there anyway I can warn writers under an assumed name, or is that impossible? It seems so unfair to the people they are scamming.

There’s a good definition of tortuous interference here:

Page down to the Tortuous Interference section. Please read that so you’ll know what is and is not Tortuous Interference.

If you complain to me that they owe you money, and I begin an investigation and then post the results of that investigation, that’s called freedom of speech. I will be very happy to launch an investigation. All I need is all the contact info. you have for them and the amount they owe you.

Their legal ramblings are an attempt to silence you. We see this all the time. If they owe you money, it’s your constitutional right to tell the truth about what happened, to warn other writers who may consider writing for them in the future.