“This website ripped off my book! Help!”

“This website ripped off my book! Help!”

“I found a website that ripped off my book. Help! Can you get them to take it down?”


I looked at the link you sent. They are not displaying your book on their site. Rather, they are displaying descriptive text that they’re pulling from your publisher’s website. I clicked on what appeared to be a link for the entire text but that took me to a page asking me to register for my “free” one-month membership. Of course, they wanted my credit card information. The site also had a bunch of fake “reviews” for your book but, on further inspection, those are actually fake reviews for that website, trying to convince people they really do have free ebooks and that it’s sooooo great. Ha ha ha.

This site doesn’t have your book and they’re not giving it away for free. It’s a phishing site. People who are mean enough to try to get a free copy of your book from a site like this deserve to have their credit card numbers stolen.


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One Response to "“This website ripped off my book! Help!”"

  1. Diann  October 19, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    Small moment to play devils advocate. OK, not REALLY devils advocate, because for the most part I agree with your response to this author. There may be a SMALL problem however. Being that if someone correlates their book with stealing identity, Couldn’t that be bad for the author? I understand the aggravation against people wanting to get freebies of books that we spent time writing and DESERVE to get paid for. Is it possible however, that you can get the site removed through the government? Being that this IS phishing, and plagiarism (Even though this does not exactly fall under the plagiarism category because they don’t REALLY have the book) BOTH being illegal?