Some Tate Publishing Authors are Still Learning They’ve Been Victimized

Some Tate Publishing Authors are Still Learning They’ve Been Victimized

Q –

My mom wrote 3 books, all of which were about my children, and published them through Tate Publishing and the royalties were to go to my children to buy them a home and she passed away. I’m trying to see what to do and amazon is still selling books?? Please help.

– R.S.

A – 

Hi Rachel,

Unfortunately, you will need to start all over in the publishing process. We can help you do that through and you’ll qualify for our disgruntled author special.

If you have not obtained your production files from Tate Publishing by now, you will not be able to get those files.

If Amazon is still selling copies, I recommend filing a copyright infringement complaint. However, it’s very important to READ THIS first.

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  1. Donna Deines  May 25, 2022 at 2:56 pm

    I have too sent letters to Amazon, but if the company is out of business, Amazon owns the books that they bought from that company, if the books are out of business, they have to earn the monies they lost. Also, they send to another company that Amazon owes and sells them that way. To get out of the situation, keep copies of the letters you sent to Amazon, send an email to the Attorney of State to that State that the company went out of business, and asked if they committed lawful criminal acts, or ran out of monies with one or two an example (s) you sent to Amazon (not all of them), If they did criminal acts, the state will send you a lot of paperwork to fill out on a complaint, they went of business on monies they will send you another email to the proper office. Keep copies of all correspondence. This is important: FIND A LEGEL PUBLISHER. I searched on the computer for months and located BookLockers which they are tied in with I talked to Angela for almost a year and asked her three questions before I accepted their contract. They are the real in publishing children’s books, they are trustful and very honest about who they deal with and what they publish to the public. When you publish or republish your books, letter Amazon knows to take the old book out of the advertisement and add the new one, like your publisher know they will do the rest. I am very grateful to Angela and their staff and bringing my children’s books back to life.