Should You Hire We Don’t Think So! Here’s Why…

Should You Hire We Don’t Think So! Here’s Why…

I recently received the following statement in an email from an author:

“I recently paid a company called Ghostwriting Proficiency to edit (my book) but to my dismay, they could not speak or write proper English.”

I had never heard of that company so I checked them out. This is what I learned:

A simple review of their website reveals poor writing skills. It certainly appears the text was not written by a native English speaker. And, I think any ghostwriter or ghostwriting firm would provide perfect writing on their website as an example of their offerings. But, they do not.


“The journey from a writer to becoming an author gets that more easy with”

“We then assign you a Writer and ensure your comfortability with both the Ghostwriter as well as the Editor.”

“With Ghostwriting Proficiency services from expert ghostwriters and professional book editors; days of becoming a published author are closer than ever before.”

“Welcome aspiring writers, scholars and mentors, if you are on the hunt to getting published, you’ve reached your destination.”

“Next come the ghostwriters responsible to pen your book in your voice. Your book will be assigned to a dedicated writer who will focus just on your book for the entirety of the project and thus gives you 101% on paper.”

I’ll stop there but there’s plenty more on their website.

Now, check out the “team” photos on their website. Those people look darned near perfect, huh? There’s a reason for that! Right click to save those people’s images, and then upload those to Google’s image search option. You’ll find that the images are from stock photo agencies. In other words, those images may be of real people but those folks are models. They don’t work for that “ghostwriting” company. Don’t worry. You don’t have to do the Google search because I already did it for you! 🙂


Let’s start with Joseph Prichard‘s photo. You can see him there on the right in the photo above. Except, that’s not really him. It is fake. He’s a real guy but he is not Joseph Pritchard and he doesn’t work for How do I know? Because, he’s on this stock photo site:

And, on, a guy named Paul Pedigo is using that photo as himself. In another Quora post, his name is Taylor Wilkinson because somebody else liked the photo enough to want to look like that guy (online at least), too. Who wouldn’t?

And, there’s more!

Think that’s a coincidence? (I’m sure you don’t.) Well, check out the lovely Miriam M. Snyder.

Did you know she’s not only a writer (she’s not!), but also a model for dentist offices? You can see why. After all, she does have very nice teeth!

Lastly, let’s check out Robert D. Hillhouse.

Handsome fellow, right? That’s why he’s a MODEL!

Buyer beware! Thoroughly research every firm you plan to hire online. If the employees or contractors all look like models, THEY PROBABLY ARE!

Angela Hoy lives on a mountain in North Georgia. She is the publisher of, the President and CEO of and AbuzzPress, and the author of 24 books.

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