Should I Sign a Contract That Doesn’t Even Mention Compensation?

Hiya Angela,

I have a fresh question for you… I recently applied for a writing gig with a company that asked me to sign a contract before they give me an assignment. This contract doesn’t discuss compensation, nor does it give details on what kind of stories they want me to do.

The company is a manufacturer.

Is it common for freelancers to get an “offer” to write while also being told that more details of their assignment will come after they sign a contract and return it? The contract in question has a space in section two where it states that the details and pay rates for the assignment will be given out at a different time and on a separate contract.

Then, the company said that refusal to sign this initial contract would be interpreted as not being interested in getting future assignments..

I’d appreciate any input.


Run as fast as you can away. No reputable company asks someone to sign a contract that doesn’t include ALL the terms of the relationship, including pay. And, it’s pretty obvious from their “refusal to sign” statement that they’re jerks.